Hey,  really quickly I just want to say, I am a woman on a mission from God, I’m following in the word of God walking forward, sharing this wonderful journey. For many years I  have been told what my purpose was, but I wasn’t ready and I didn’t understand the walk. I am a writer, I’m a nurturer, I am a Daughter, and a wife. I spent half of the time trying to figure out why I couldn’t finish a project. Why I wasn’t moving, the last couple of months I started giving my self to God and 7mths after a wonderful reconnection. here I am becoming a fisher of men with the fire of God lighting my way, I want you to feel that Love.

God Bless You All

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for sharing your picture. Gods beauty and joy shines through ur face. Praise God He has enabled u to find ur purpose in life. Thanks for being bold enough to encourage me to love my sister. Loving people is a lifelong journey. I need ur tenacity n patience in relationships 😁

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