I Samuel Chapter 27


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I pray that where ever you are the Lord is showing up for you, I pray that your faith is building stronger and your foundation is brick strong. Even though we may have some hard days and sometimes you may even question your faith. Those times are needed, those are the times when we need to lay prostrate, or read the word, or maybe go to fellowship at church bible study to just a conversation with a fellow Christian.

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1 Samuel chapter 27

David among the Philistines


The word says that David thought to himself that one of those days he would be destroyed by the hands of Saul. He thought the best thing that he could do was, escape to the land of the Philistines. He felt then Saul would give up his search and he could slip away.

The word says that David and six hundred men and their wives, this included David’s two wives all went to Gath. When Saul found out that David had went to Gath he stopped searching for him.

The word says that David had said to Achish the son of the king of Gath, that if he had found favor on David then to assign a place for him on the country side. David reason was

“why should your servant live in the royal city with you”

the scripture says on that day Achish gave David Ziklag and it has belonged to the king of Judah ever since. The word says that David lived in Philistine territory for a year and four months.

While David was with Achish in Gath, he would raided the Geshurites, the Girzites and the Amalekites and he would kill men and women leaving no one alive to be able to tell what he did. And when Achish would ask him where he went raiding that day, David would tell him against the desert of the Kenites, or against the desert of Judah and he would be dishonest with  Achish as long as he was in Gath. Achish trusted David and said to himself

“He has become Odious (unpleasant) to his people, the Israelites, that he will be my servant forever.”

This is a short chapter but it packs with so much vital information about David’s survival. David knew that Saul wouldn’t stop, he knew that Saul couldn’t control himself. He also knew that he couldn’t sleep among the Philistines while they knew he was killing their people, but what made sense was that if he killed everyone then Achish would think it was Saul that was killing them.

Now for the most Important part If you are looking to build your foundation in faith, you can Google, download a free bible app, or turn your bible to Romans chapter 10:9 and confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. Begin to build your foundation of faith with bible study, fellowship, worship and prayer.

Be Blessed

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