1 Samuel Chapter 20


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Praise God that here we are again, enough time to get it right and prepare. As I was scrolling Facebook I saw someone post in a comment that they wish they can’t focus on what they can’t fix. Glory be to God that in our faith in him he allows us to focus on the gifts in instructions that he gave us, so that he can focus on the things that only he can fix. Amen


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1 Samuel Chapter 20

David and Jonathan

Verse 1 – 11

The word says that David left Ramah and went to Jonathan and asked him why was Saul trying to kill him. David hadn’t committed a crime or wronged Samuel so he didn’t understand why he was being hunted. Jonathan responded by telling David not to worry about Saul. Jonathan was confident that Saul would come to him whenever he was planning to do anything and that he didn’t think Saul was trying to kill him. David told Jonathan that Saul knew that they were close, and would not tell Jonathan what he was going to do when it came to David.

Jonathan told David that he would do whatever David needed him to do. David told Jonathan that the next day was the new moon festival and he was to eat with the king. David said that he would hide in the fields until the evening, if Saul looks for him to tell him that he (Jonathan) gave him permission to go to Bethlehem his hometown for a sacrifice if Saul says yes then David (the servant) is safe. David tells Jonathan that if Saul loses his temper, then Jonathan can be sure that he is trying to harm David. The scripture says that David tells Jonathan to be kind to him if he is guilty then kill himself don’t hand him to his father. Jonathan tells David that he would not betray him he would tell him if his father wanted to harm him. Then David asks who would tell him if Saul answers harsh? Jonathan tells David to come with him and then they walk out to the fields together.

This part of the word is on loyalty, when having a covenant with someone before God we are to stand firm on our word. David and Jonathan had a covenant they were one as friends. David would rather die by a hand that loved him then a hand that hated him. Never did he question what God would do, and he would rather go back to his purpose than run for his life.

When walking in purpose we will have that person who will want to stop us, David was walking in his purpose and then Saul wanted it stopped because of Jealousy. Jonathan stood between David and Saul, he would not allow Saul to kill David for no reason. I believe God placed Jonathan in postion to be that person that stands and protects his purpose. As he will do many times, you can be walking in purpose and when attacked it will be that one person to push you to continue, that person who prays strength and protection.

Verse 12 – 17

The scripture tells us that Jonathan swears to David that if Saul reacts well than he will send for him. If Saul reacts in harshly, Jonathan says may the Lord deal with me in a sever way if I don’t send you away safely, may the Lord be with you as he has been with Saul. Jonathan states that he prays the Lord will show him unfailing kindness because he would not kill David or allow Saul to. Jonathan made a covenant with the Lord that the Lord calls David’s enemies to account.

Standing in the position of being pleasing to God, a time will come when we must stand by what is right no matter what. In the verses above Jonathan had to decide between two people he loved. His Father Saul and his friend David. Jonathan tells David I can’t kill you for nothing, and may God deal with whom ever does. We are shown by example to stand by our Christian ethics first no matter what. Killing David for nothing would have been morally wrong Jonathan and handing him over to Saul to do so would have been just as bad as killing him. At times we will have to make a hard choice it may not be killing someone but going against our moral ethics as Christians. The best way to go through that moment is to pray and make sure your decision allows you to continue to be pleasing in God’s sight.

Verse 18 – 34

In this part of the chapter Jonathan tells David to go where he hid when everything first started in 2days he will come there and shoot an arrow, If he yells to the boy that he will take with him that the arrows were on the side of the stone Ezel then he is safe. If he yells that the arrows went beyond the stone Ezel then that means to run, David hid in the fields. The next day, Jonathan attended the festival and Saul noticed that David’s seat was empty he thought to himself “Surely David is unclean, why isn’t he here?” The second day of festival Saul noticed David’s chair was empty and he was over it. Saul asked Jonathan where is David? Jonathan told Saul that David went to sacrifice with his brothers. Saul had become very angry, Saul told Jonathan that he knew he would side with David.  Jonathan asked Saul “why do you want to kill David?” Saul threw his spear at him in anger.

I’m sure that Jonathan was surprised that his father had so much hate in him for David. This started from Jealousy. Actually, this started when the Lord’s spirit left from Saul. He was stuck in regret from the Lord rejecting him as king. Being stuck in that feeling allowed Jealousy to then slip in and cause a buildup of anger. This buildup had him hating a man for no reason, but because people were celebrating him. There will be people that will be mad at us for no reason, trust and believe that God will put a Jonathan in between you and that person. The word says Jonathan told David to hide in the fields and he will let him know what is going on. We praise God for keeping us and placing people in position to make sure we are moving in or toward our purpose

Verse 35 – 42

These verses end the chapter with Jonathan letting David know that Saul was indeed angry and he would have to run.

As I was going over this chapter there were a couple of things that the Lord had brought to my attention. The first one was that he will place people in position to fulfill purpose. The second was that he is not a man that he should lie. Had David died by the hands of Saul, He wouldn’t be king. The Lord said he has chosen a better king then Saul. Had David died the prophesy would not had come true. There is nothing that God tells us that we can do, we can’t do. If the Lord told you to go forth and speak to his people, but you stutter and tear up when you speak in public, be prepared to expect a clear speech. If the Lord says build a business and you only have two cents in your pocket, well you better start getting your business plan in order. If the Lord says he has a king for his people, you better believe by any means necessary that king is coming.

Now for the important part If you are looking to build your foundation of faith and will like to start a relationship with the Lord. Download the free bible app, google, or turn your bibles to Romans 10:9 and Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raise him from the dead then you shall be saved. Start building you foundation by studying the word, worship, and fellowship.

Be Blessed




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