1 Samuel chapter 19


Blessings everyone!


I pray that today is going well for you. There will be times that the Lord cuts you off from all things that you think are good. Take your time and go to Him in that time. When God is trying to get our attention everything that you think is good will not go through, take some time in pray and in the word. Romans 1:17 says “For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed, a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written the righteous will live by faith”. When things are not going the way you expect, stand on your foundation of faith and know that you walk by faith and your steps are by instruction, get in to your word and wait on instruction. Saul did not have patients to wait and he started adding himself to the instructions, he ended up being rejected as king. When we start adding ourselves in we stop following instructions, and we ignore faith.

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1 Samuel Chapter 19

Saul tries to kill David

Verse 1 – 11

In these verses the word tells us that one day Saul told his son Jonathan and all the attendants that he wanted David killed. Jonathan loved David as himself so he went to David and told David that Saul wanted him killed. Jonathan told David to go hid the next morning and he will go and talk to Saul.

When Jonathan met with Saul he asked him, why would he kill David? a man that brought so much good for the people. Jonathan spoke highly of David so high that Saul made an oath that he would not have David killed. When Jonathan finished speaking with Saul he went back to David and let him know how the conversation with his father went.

When a war had come about David went out to fight with a strong force, that made the enemy flea. The word says that when Saul was sitting home an evil spirit from the Lord came over him, he went to attack David who was playing the harp, but David eluded him and the spear went in to the wall.

As I was reading these verse’s I thought about a saying forgive them for they know not what they do. This is an example, riddled with jealousy (evil spirit) Saul was ready to go back on his word. The devil is a liar, what comes out our mouth we should stand by. Any emotion that makes you take back a promise (Oath) is nothing for good especially if the emotion is jealousy. Saul was willing to go back on his word to his son. Jealousy came about and made him want to kill the one man who was fighting and defeating his enemy by the grace of God.


Verse 11 – 24

The word says that Saul sent men to David’s house to watch and kill him. Michal David’s wife (Saul’s daughter) help David escape out the window. When the men went to get David, Michal told the men that he was sick in bed. Saul told the men to bring David and the bed so that he can kill him. When the men brought David’s bed to Saul there was an idol and some goats hair. Saul asked Michal why did she let David (his enemy) get away. And Michal answered David asked her to help him get away.

The scripture says that when David got away he went straight to Samuel at Ramah and told Samuel all that was going on with Saul. Word got back to Saul and he sent men to Ramah to capture David but those men were over powered by the spirit of the Lord and begin prophesying. This happen three times and then Saul decided to go himself. When Saul got to Ramah he was over powered by the spirit of the Lord, Saul stripped of his robe started Prophesying in the presence of Samuel. The word says that Saul lay in position all day and night prophesying.

Amen! When the Lord as purpose over your life nothing and no one, nothing and no one. We see that every time Saul tried, the lord blocked. That’s what we have faith in that the Lord will block any attack of the enemy will be worked out for our good. Saul thought it would be best to have David married his daughter, it will be easy to kill David with him being so close. Not the case what Saul thought would be an easy kill the Lord made in to an escape. Michal was no doubt set up by Saul to be able to go in and kill and destroy David. The Lord made sure that David had a wife who Loved him feared God. When the enemy puts traps know that God has already found your way out. If you can’t see your way out try to stop looking through your own eyes and ask the Lord to show your spirit which way to go.


Now for the most important part, if you are looking for the first steps to building your foundation of faith. Download the free bible app, google, or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 Confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. Start your life on the journey of a faith foundation by worship & praise, prayer, word study, and fellowship, be waiting for your instruction with expectation.




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