1 Samuel Chapter 18


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I pray that you all are doing well in this day. As you are walking in todays journey remember that, when you walk with the Lord you are walking toward your success. There are step toward and some may fail but know that, there is a journey to success as your walking.

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1 Samuel Chapter 18

Saul’s jealousy of David


This chapter starts off letting us know that Jonathan (Saul’s Son) loved David as he loved himself. Jonathan made a covenant with David and gave David his tunic, sword, bow and belt. Saul kept David with him and didn’t let him return to his father’s house. The word tells us that whatever Saul sent David to do, David did it with success. When the men returned and David had killed the Philistines the women ran out sing a song that stated that Saul killed thousands and David killed ten thousand.

These verses show us that when we love another person as ourselves our unselfish acts brings blessings to the person. Jonathan who loved and obeyed the Lord, saw the spirit of God on David and loved David as well. When we love our neighbor, we look for God to do great things in their life, we give our support as much as we can. David was walking in his purpose as some of us are. What happens when that person comes along and you see them and they are doing well at in their purpose. Do you get jealous? Or do you bless them with what you have to help make it better and watch them flourish with love and admirations. When we are building a sound foundation in faith we know that to be jealous does not show faith that you know you were in the right place to pass the blessing for that person.

Verse 8 – 16

Scripture tells us that Saul had gotten jealous after hearing the song from the women. He felt as if nobody cared about his thousands, because they are singing that David killed ten thousand. He felt what else was there for David to take from but the kingdom. Saul decided that he would have to watch David. The word tells us that Saul watched David with a jealous eye.

The word says that a jealous spirit had come over Saul and he began prophesying while David was playing the harp. The word says that Saul tried to kill David twice but David avoided the chances. Saul was afraid of David because he knew that the Lord was with David but had to gone from him, so he sent David away to charge over a thousand men, and David led the men in success. When saul saw that Davis was successful he was more afraid, but Israel loved David because he successfully led them in their campaigns.

This part of the Chapter shows us that even when someone wants to set you up for failure, when God is walking with you it will not work. David wasn’t worried about Sauls feelings he was concerned with being pleasing and doing a good Job in showing how good God’s people are, so that they will know that He is Lord.

Verse 17 – 30

The Scripture says that Saul offered David his oldest daughter in hopes that Davis would become consumed in marriage that the Philistines would overtake him. David refused Sauls oldest daughter saying who am I that I would be the son-in-law of the king. When the time came Saul’s oldest daughter married Adriel of Meholah.

Saul finds out that his other daughter Michal was in love with David he sent his attendants to tell David that Saul was pleased with him and they would like for David to become Saul’s son-in-law. David responded by telling the attendants that he was a poor man it’s a big thing to be the kings son-in-law. When the servants went back to tell Saul, he sent the message to David that all he wanted was a hundred Philistines foreskins, to take revenge on his enemy. When David heard this he was pleased, he gathered some men and brought the foreskin of a hundred men back to Saul. David married Saul’s daughter and Saul had feared David knowing that the Lord was with him. Saul had made David his enemy for the rest of his days. David continued success when going out to battle the Philistines he did better than all the kings officers and had become well known.

When God is with us in what we do we learn that it is the Love and support that keeps us moving. There will be people placed to discourage you and looking for you to fail and fall but if you are willing to walk in a pleasing way to God in your journey they will see that He is Lord and He walks with you. In a foundation of faith, we cannot look to those that are trying to discourage us or setting us up for failure their acts will be revealed in time, it’s important to move forward in Love. God will put both in your life you will have to discern your choices. When discerning your choices have faith that God has already made it alright. In this scripture, it shows up that what the enemy tried to us for David’s distruction God made it a blessing.

Now for the most important part, if you are looking to start building a sound foundation of faith. Download the free bible app, google, or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. Get yourself into the journey of building a sound foundation of faith through The word, worship, prayer, and fellowship.


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