1 Samuel chapter 15


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1 Samuel chapter 15

The Lord rejects Saul as King

verses 1 -6

Samuel tells Saul that he is the one that the Lord sent to anoint him king over the people of Israel. Samuel tells him to listen to the Lord’s message. Samuel tells Saul that the Lord said he will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid (troubled them). The Lord sends Saul to go attack the Amalekites do not spare anyone.

Saul called together two hundred thousand men and then gathered ten thousand men from Judah. Saul and his men went to the city of Amalek and destroyed the city telling the kenites to leave.

In the verses we see Good making true on a promise and Saul standing as his servant. 

verses 7 – 16

Saul spared Agag the king of the Amalekites and his best cattle, sheep, the fat calves. the word said all that was good. these they were unwilling to destroy completely. but everything that they despised and was weak the totally destroyed.

The Lord said to Saul I am upset that I made Saul king he has turned against me and not followed my instructions. the word says Samuel was upset and cried out to the Lord all night

The word says that the next morning, Samuel went to look for Saul and was told that Saul went to Carmel to set up a monument of himself and has gone down to Gilgal. When Samuel finally caught up with Saul. Saul greeted Samuel by saying ” May the Lord bless you, I have carried out the Lords instructions.” Samuel asks Saul then why does he hear the sheep in his ear, what are the cattle that he hears. Saul answers that the Soldiers brought them to sacrifice to God, but everything else was destroyed. Samuel tells Saul to stop talking, He’s going to deliver a message from the Lord.

Have you ever gotten instructions from God, and only did half of what He told you to do? This is what Saul did. Not only did he not follow instructions but he also say fit to blame it on his soldiers. This verse shows us how when people are in the wrong they will quickly look for the next person to put the blame on. It’s when we are willing to stand when we are right and wrong we strengthen our foundation of faith. Be ready to step from behind the bush and say here I am Lord. This is the same scene we see in Genesis 3: 7 – 15.

verse 17 -23

Samuel say to Saul “Even though you were once Small, didn’t you become the head of the tribe of Israel? the Lord anointed you king over Israel.” Samuel reminds Saul that the Lord sent him on a mission to go out and destroy completely everything, not take what you want for yourself. Saul responds by saying he did obey, he saved the King and the plunder to sacrifice at Gilgal. Samuel asks Saul which does the Lord delight in the most; Obeying, or sacrifice. Samuel tells saul the rebellion is like sin of divination and arrogance like the evil of idolatry. You have rejected the word of the Lord , and now Lord has rejected you as king.

In the verse we see that when God tells us to purge something or someone it is important to be obedient and purge all of it not half of it and negotiate the rest. The Lord expects obedience when it comes to instructions. You can’t lead God he has to Lead you.

verse 24 – 33

The word says; that Saul told Samuel, he had sinned and violated the Lord’s instructions. And he was afraid of the people, so he gave into them. Saul begged for Samuel to forgive him of his sin and come back with him to worship the Lord. Samuel said to Saul that he wouldn’t go back with him because he has rejected the Lord, and the Lord has rejected him.

Samuel turned to leave and Saul grabbed the hem of his robe and it tore. Samuel said to Saul “the Lord has torn the kingdom of Israel away from you today and has given it to your neighbor who is better than you.  God does not change his mind, he is not a man that he should lie.” Saul begged of Samuel one more time to go back with him and worship. Samuel did and Saul worshiped.

Samuel told Saul to bring him Agag king of the Amalekites. Agag came out as if he was confident that he wasn’t going to die. Samuel says to him “as your sword made women childless so will your mother be childless among women.” Agag was put to death before the Lord at Gilgal by Samuel. The word says until the day he died Samuel did not go to see Saul, even though he missed him. The Lord was upset that he made Saul king over Israel.

When we don’t follow the instructions we don’t get to the next level. You can start following instructions start celebrating and get distracted by sin. when you see all the things that you were doing and then you realize that everything just stopped. That’s because somewhere in there it became about your wants and needs and not God. You forgot to consult God. Look at Saul His instructions did not tell him to save some valuable sacrifices his instructions said to destroy everything. What happen to Saul he lost the kingdom the Lord found someone else that will do the Job. 

Thanks for joining in I encourage you to go over 1 Samuel Chapter 15 tonight at home and see what Revelation the spirit gives you. Be Blessed

Now for the Important part If you are looking to build a relationship with the Sovereign Lord: Google. Download the free bible app; turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. Start building your foundation on Faith.



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