1 Samuel Chapter 14


Blessings everyone,

I pray that you all are walking and building in faith, Glory to God. At times it may feel as if there is something coming at you at every angle but it’s your walk in faith and that you stand on a solid foundation of faith that you know that God has already worked it out for you. Now you just wait with expectation that it WILL soon be over. Praise God

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1 Samuel Chapter 14

Jonathan attacks the Philistines

Verses 1 – 14

The word says that Jonathan son of Saul went to the young man who cared his armor and said “let’s go to the Philistines outpost” Jonathan did not tell his father where he was going. Saul was on the outskirts of Gibeah of Benjamin with the six hundred men.

Jonathan told the young man that they “will be going to the outpost of the uncircumcised men and perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf. nothing can render the Lord from saving either by many or by few.” The armor bearer said to Jonathan ” Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.” Jonathan told the young man ” let’s go, and if they come up to us we will climb up because that will be our sign that the Lord is with us.”

The Philistines saw Jonathan and the young man and told them to come up to us and we will teach you a lesson. Jonathan said to the young man climb up behind me the Lord has given them into the hands of Israel. The word said that Jonathan and his armor bearer killed about twenty men in an area about half an acre.

If you joined into yesterdays study that was a word on faith as Jonathan said no matter how many people are against, if you have faith that God will have favor over you, You will be blessed all you need to do is walk now in faith.

in these verses we see that Jonathan’s faith in God saw him through.

Israel routs the Philistines

verses 15 – 23

The word says Panic struck the whole army and the ground shock it was panic sent by God. Sauls lookout saw the army melting in all directions. saul told one of the men Check everyone and see who has left us. The news came back to him the it was only Jonathan and his armor bearer who was gone.

As Saul was talking to the priest the large volumn of confusion increased in the Philistines camp. Saul prepared his men for battle, even the men who had run off and hid came out with courage. That day the Lord rescued Israel and the battle moved on to Beth Aven.

Sometimes it takes one person to light fire for others to see Gods power. It was the faith that  Jonathan had in God, that brought God into there presence. He didn’t bring the ark, he didn’t a priest, or prophet himself and another faithful man, and God showed up.

When God showed up, so did the courage of others. when we practice Faith others see the reaction. When we show the power of God through our lives and choices our neighbors see, how good God is to us.  This allows them to begin to walk in faith as well.

verse 24 – 48

Jonathan eats honey

The word tells us that the men of Israel was distressed because none of the men had eaten due to Saul bounding them saying, “Cursed is any man who eats before evening comes or I have avenged myself on my enemies”

Jonathan had not been there when Saul told the men not to eat anything. When going through woods the men came to a path were honey was oozing out of honeycombs. Jonathan dipped the end of his staff in it and tasted it, his eyes brightened. One of the men saw this and told Jonathan what his father said. Jonathan responded by stating that his father had made trouble for his country, had the men eaten they would have killed more philistines then they did.

That day after the men had struck down the philistines in Micmash to Aijalon the mean were exhausted the started slaughtering cattle, sheep, calves. the began to eat the meat with the blood. Some one had brought this to the attention of Saul. Saul called his men and told them to bring the cattle and sheep to him and they will slaughter them and eat them. Saul for the first time build an alter after everyone had slaughtered and ate. Afterward Saul told everyone lets go down after the philistines by night and plunder them to dawn, and lets not leave one of them alive. the people replied do whatever seems best to you. The priest intervened and said let’s inquire of God here.

Saul asked God but did not get a reply Saul then asked who had commited a sin, no one came forward so Saul cast the lots and the men where cleared then Saul cast lots between he and Jonathan and Jonathan was taken. Saul asked Jonthan what he had done and jonathan tld him about tasting the honey and then asked. “Must I die?” The men stepped in and said to Saul he the one who has brought the great deliverance?  The men said as long as the Lord lives not a hair on his head shall fall, for he did this today with God’s help. with that Jonathan was not put to death.

Saul stopped pursuing the Philistines, and the went back to there own lands. After Saul had went to rule over Israel he fought their enemies on every side and delivered Israel from the hands who plundered them.

we are reminded where we stand when we walk in faith and in Gods presence. Jonathan showed faith in God through action and I believe God spared his life through the people speaking up.

Through Saul we are reminded of patience and to wait on God. Because saul had not heard from God when he wanted an answer he decided to start casting lots and making decisions. God sparing Jonathan’s life through showed God very much present it just wasn’t time to do what Saul wanted to do and he had to wait.

There will be times when you will get part of the instructions  but then you will wait and in that wait you should be preparing. It’s when we rush without waiting on God’s next set instruction, we began to drop faith and work through our own heart. Obedience in faith is what gets you to the next level.

Now for the Important part If you are looking for Salvation and would like to begin to build your foundation of faith. Google, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. Begin to build your foundation with Studying the word; worship and praise; prayer; and fellowship. Be Blessed.

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