1 Samuel Chapter 10


Blessings everyone,

I pray that you all are reaching for the sky and walking in the presences of God. Praise God that he loves us so much that he is willing to turn his back to our sin. He is so amazing to us. We praise him for bring messengers into our lives at the right time. Glory to God.

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1 Samuel Chapter 10

verse 1 – 5

Samuel took out a flask and poured oil over Saul’s head and kissed him. Samuel says to Saul  “has not the Lord anointed you leader over his inheritance”. Samuel tells Saul that when he leaves him he will run in to two men in Zelzah at the border of Benjamin. One of the men will tell him that the donkeys has been found and his father is worried about him  and asking what shall he do about his son?

Samuel tells Saul then he will go on until he reaches a great tree in Tabor. Samuel says three men that are going up to God at Bethel will meet him there. One will have three young goats, the other will have three loaves of bread and another a skin of wine. they will greet Saul and offer him two loaves of bread which he will take.

Look at God! When God has prepared an assignment for you he will line up everyone that is needed to prepare you. Looking back at chapter 9 we know that what Samuel told Saul that one of the first two men will tell him. was the same thing that Saul told the servant in chapter before they met up with Samuel.

God will send activation words to show you that what he is preparing is greater than you, it will show you he has his hands all over it.

verse 5 – 8

Samuel tells Saul after leaving the three men he will go to the Gibeah ( Hill or Hill town)  of God where there is a philistine outpost. Samuel says to Saul that on his way he will meet a procession of prophets in the mist of worship. Samuel says they will be prophesying and the spirit of the Lord will come down and Saul will  prophesy with them and will be changed in to a different person. Samuel says once these signs are fulfilled, do whatever your hand finds to do, for God is with you.

Samuel says go down ahead of me to Gilgal, and I will come and sacrifice burnt offerings and fellowship offerings, but you must wait seven days until I come down  and tell you what to do.

These verses are very important to our foundation of faith. Samuel says to Saul do anything your hands want to do, God is with you. Samuel reminds us that once the spirit comes down upon us we will prosper. Having the faith that God wants us to do well and knowing that he wants us to have a relationship with him. In our relationship with God; being in his presences allows the impossible to become possible.

verse 9 – 13

As Saul turned to leave Samuel, God changed his heart, and all the signs were fulfilled that day. When Saul met up with the procession of prophets he began to prophesy as Samuel said he would.

The people who had known Saul for years were shocked to hear Saul prophesy they asked each other  What happen to the son of Kish? Is Saul with the prophets. A man that lived in Gibeah said to them and who is their father? After Saul finished prophesying he went up to the high place.

When God puts you in position to walk in your purpose people that you have known for years, your whole life will be confused. Saul’s old friends and his fathers peoples were shocked to see him among the prophets. they wondered how he change so fast? when did this happen?

verse 14- 19

Saul’s uncle asked him and the servant where had they been? Saul answered by telling his uncle that they were looking for the donkeys, and when they had not found them they went to Samuel. Saul’s uncle asked him what Samuel had told him. Saul answered by telling his uncle that Samuel told him the donkeys had been found. Saul did not tell his uncle anything else that Samuel said.

Samuel summoned the people of Israel to Mizpah and told them what the Lord said.

” I bought Irael out of Eygpt, and delivered you from the power of Egypt and all the kingdom that oppressed you. But you have now rejected your God, who saves you out of all your calamities and distresses. and you have said ‘No, set a king over us.’ So now present yourselves before the Lord by your tribes and clans”

sometimes when we are given assignments, it is best to keep them to ourselves until we get all the instructions. Speaking what God is about to do to people especially the people that questions the power of God can lead to an attack on your faith. Saul could have told his uncle what Samuel said and his uncle could have found 99 problems and then discouraged Saul in 99 ways.

After Samuel spoke with Saul he then went to the people of Israel and gave God’s message. There are times when things will have an order, it’s important to pray on things that God has given you to do. after knowing what to do, you then pray for the Holy Spirit to show you how to do it. The Lord told the people of Israel to gather by tribe and clan.

What do you think would have happen if Samuel told the people before he gave Saul his assignment?

Verse 20 – 27

Samuel brought the tribes of Israel near, the tribe of Benjamin was chosen. He brought the tribe of Benjamin forward clan by clan and a Matri’s (Mother) clan was chosen. Finally Saul was chosen but when they looked for him he was no where to be found. They asked the Lord has the man come yet?

The Lord answered he has hidden himself among the baggage. They pulled Saul out and brought him forward. Saul stood taller then the others. Samuel says to the people Do you see why the Lord chose him? there is no one like him among the people. The people began to shout long live the king.

Samuel explained the regulation of the kingship, wrote them down and brought them to the Lord. He them dismissed the people to their homes. Saul went to his home in Gibeah, followed by men who God had turned their hearts. Their were also troublemakers who questioned How could Saul save them? The didn’t like Saul and brought them no gifts. Saul kept silent.


To move to the next level, we at times get taken out of our comfort. The people of Israel had found themselves in the mist of a new thing. They were excited and willing to try this new thing, a king to do the hard work.

Saul was hiding in the baggage, has God ever put you on a new path that will challenge you and you get nervous and try to find every reason why you aren’t the one for the job. I’m sure that was what Saul was going through when he was hiding in the baggage. The Lord showed up on that by telling where Saul had hidden. God will remind us and push us toward our purpose. You will find all kind of people calling you out using activation words, encouraging you to take your position.

When on assignment you will have a few troublemakers (we call them haters) they will say every negative thing to make you run and hide. Saul’s’ reaction to them reminds me of Jesus. There is no reason to try to prove anything or give a response. The truth will show it’s self son enough. That is the time to stand even stronger in position.


Now for the most important part. If you are looking for a relationship with God, If you are ready to stand in position and allow God to be in your presence, and prepare you to shock those thought they new who you are or who you are destined to be. Download the free bible app, google, or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. get your self in to the word of the Lord and find a bible based church for fellowship.

Be Blessed




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