1 Samuel Chapter 8


Blessings Everyone!

I pray that you all are in the presence of God and walking toward greatness today. It’s a wonderful gift to know what God as placed you on this earth to do. If you haven’t figured it out; think about what makes you happy and the dreams you once had for yourself and then walk it out.

To my followers thank you for your support, you are appreciated. I am grateful to be sharing the word of God with you all. If you were just scrolling and happen to come across this bible study blog welcome! If you are lead please follow and join in on the daily study. Let me introduce myself!

My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God, There is nothing I love more new-journey-in-praise-flyerthan encouraging others in the word of the Lord. I serve as one of the leaders in Walk It Out ministries (you can find us on Facebook). I am the founder of Journey In Praise Ministry; were I serve the Lord through scripture of the day blog, Podcast and Broadcast ( which will be back up next week). If you would like to add your name to the prayer wall you can contact me at fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com.  Now let’s get in to the Word

1 Samuel Chapter 8

verse 1- 5

The word tells us that as Samuel grew old he appointed his sons as judges and they served at Beersheba. His sons did not walk  in the presence of God as Samuel did so they began profiting from the position of judges by excepting bribes, dishonesty, and lying in the name of justice.

The elders of Israel came to Samuel and told him that his sons did not walk with God and he himself had become old, so he needed to pick a leader. He would need to appoint a king as the other nations did.

When going over the verses I thought about how as a parent we look to our children to walk just as we showed them. We forget that when God gave us free will, he also gave the same gift to our children when they were born. We expect to them to do right but sometimes they make the wrong decision and become total opposites of who and what we are.

verse 6 – 9

The word says that when the people came to Samuel about a king leading them the news was unpleasing to him. So he went and prayed to the Lord about it. The word says the Lord told Samuel that the people weren’t rejecting Samuel  but was rejecting God as the have been doing since he brought them out of Egypt by forsaking God and serving other gods. The Lord tells Samuel to warn the people of what will happen when they are under a king.

In these verses we are reminded that when it comes to dealing with fleshly emotions it is always best to go in to prayer before making decisions. Because  Samuel wasn’t emotionally feeling at peace with what the people of Israel had requested he went to the Lord to see if the Lord was okay with it. 

The Lord told him to do what the people asked. In our walk toward building a foundation of faith we know that God will let us learn the hard way it makes the saying ” I can show you, better than I can tell you” come to life. God has a way of doing this in God and bad times. we can feel the effects of doing the wrong and we can feel the blessings when we do the right thing ( Which is always come to Him and know no matter what He’s got you).

Verse 10 – 21

Samuel told the People what the Lord wanted them to know about having a king, He explained to them that they would have to give 10% of everything they bring in. Their children will be slaves to the king and would have to be in war or cooking and baking in the kings home.

The people still wanted a king. Samuel went back and told Lord and the Lord told Samuel to give them a king.

Seeing what others have can make a person not see the truth of the effects. In the case of the people of Israel they were warned of what was to come with a king but still thought it was batter then what they had.

Have you ever had a job and only saw the things you disliked about, then get a new job and realize those things were nothing compared to what your dealing with now. The people of Israel made their decisions on their fleshly emotions had they had a relationship with God they would have went to the Lord before making a decision based on the anger of what Samuel’s sons were doing.

As you go about your day  try to with hold from reacting with your flesh if something comes up and makes your blood boil try to withhold from reacting. Pray on it and allow the Holy Spirit to give you your response.

Be blessed

Now for the Important part; If you are looking for SALVATION and would like to begin to build a relationship with the Lord. Download the free bible app; google; or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and God raised him from the dead you shall be saved. get into the word and begin to build a foundation of faith.

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