1 Samuel Chapter 5

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I pray that you woke up in praise on this Tuesday morning. The Lord has blessed us this day another chance to get it right and make it happen for his name sake. Put a praise on it.

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My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God. This is one of the ways that I new-journey-in-praise-flyerserve the Lord some of the others are. The Journey In praise ministry which is three parts the blog serves as a word of the day, The Podcast serves as a word of encouragement, and broadcast serves as sharing of building a foundation of faith like bricks through the study of christian books. Also there is the Prayer wall if you would like to be added you can email me at fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com okay let’s get in to the word.

1 Samuel Chapter 5

1-samuel-1024x576the Ark in Ashdod and Ekron

verse 1 -5

The Philistines took the Ark to Ashdod and the put it in Dagons temple. the scripture says that the next morning Dagon had fallen  on his face in front of the Ark. They placed Dagon back in his place and the next day he had fallen again this time his head and hands had been broken off and placed on the threshold. The scipture says that no one steps on the threshold in Dagons temple.

Praise God! to put a representative of God in a place where you worship Idols, no way your coming back from that. As I was reading this word I thought about how it is not good to  sit on the fence when it comes to our walk with God. We can’t be out to serve God and walk with him and do the things that the Lord is not for. I remember when I first started this walk and I was still smoking and drinking wine, I one day had a vision of the holy spirit leaving me because I couldn’t let go of the cigarettes I was placing the cigarettes (my idol) over God and forcing God to be around it. Then I prayed for the need for it to be broken from my spirit and that’s exactly what happen. The next day the desire for the cigarettes were gone. When we idolize something and put it before God, our faith and need to be pleasing to God allows the spirit to come and break that thing. it’s built on a foundation of faith that he is able. The fact that the Philistines feared God was acknowledgment that they had faith that he does exist, and can destroy them.

verse 6 – 12

While the Ark of God was in Ashdod the hand of God was heavy on the people. Some ended up with tumors and others died so they decided to move it to Gath. In Gath it did the same, so the people got together with the elders and they decided to take it to Ekron when the people of Ekron saw that the Ark was coming and there was an out cry. The elders decided to send the Ark back. The people of Gath, Ekron, and Ashdod died and for those who didn’t die they suffered with tumors. The cry went up to heaven.

This chapter makes me think of the power of God in chapter four yesterday we saw that when the Israelites learned that the Ark had been captured the suffered an outcry. Eli and his family suffered death, they felt that God had left them. depending on the power of God as christians when we fell he’s not around we feel lost like Israelites. Now for the Philistines they worshipped Dagon and feared God The power that the Ark had on them was afflicting tumors and death. They new they were doing wrong taking the Ark of God, and almost expected repercussions.

Now for the Important part if you are looking for Salvation if you will like to start a new and be in the presence of God turn your bible, google, or download the free bible app and turn to Romans 10:9 Confess with your mouth that Jesus christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. start a prayer life and get in to the word and allow the Lord to turn it around for you.

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