1 Samuel Chapter 4


Good morning Saints,

I pray that you all are in a good position, at this time in your life. I pray that you all had a nice weekend and were able to move forward spiritually. I was reminded today that it’s okay to take a moment and adjust see where the Lord is expecting for you to be at the moment, and discern if it’s you or the Lord that’s expecting it.

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My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God. This is one of the ways that I new-journey-in-praise-flyerserve the Lord some of the others are. The Journey In praise ministry which is three parts the blog serves as a word of the day, The Podcast serves as a word of encouragement, and broadcast serves as sharing of building a foundation of faith like bricks through the study of christian books. Also there is the Prayer wall if you would like to be added you can email me at fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com okay let’s get in to the word.

1 Samuel Chapter 4

The Pallestines capture the Ark

verse 1 -4

Here we learn that Iraelites and Philistines went to war. In this war the Philistines killed about four thousand of them on the battlefield.when the Israelites went back the elders asked them why did the Lord bring defeat upon them? They decided to bring the Ark from shiloh and Eli’s sons Hophni and Phinehas came along with the Ark.

verse 5 – 10

This verse tells us that when the Ark was brought in to the camp irael let out a shout so big that the ground shock, When the Phlistines heared the sound they wondered what was going on in the camp of the Israelites. When they found out that the Ark of the Lord was brought in they began fear saying the gods were broiught to the camp, the gods that put the Eygptians through plagues. they begain to encourgage each other, reminding there people that they are strong and trained. The Philistines won that war they killed thirty thousand soldiers and took the Ark. Hophni and Phinehas was dead at the end of it all.

Death of Eli

The day that the Ark was captured a Benjamite came running in to Shiloh to deliver the news when Eli heard the cries he asked what was going on. He was told that his sons were dead and the Ark of the Lord was captured. When recieving the news Eli fell broke his neck and was dead. The bible tells us that Eli was an old heavy man and the fall was what killed him. Now Phinehas wife was close to delivery in her pregnacy and when she heard that Eli had died she went in labor but didn’t mack it out because the pain of labor became to much for her to bare. Before she died she named her son Ichabod she stated the glory of the Lord had departed from Israel, because the Ark of the Lord had been captured.

Blessed the Lord, the word of the Lord had come through. The Lord said that no one in Eli’s family would grow old. Eli had allowed the Ark of the Lord to leave Shiloh and he worried about it’s return, As if it was the spirit of the Lord himself. he died thinking that the Glory of the Lord had left his people, his daugher died the same way. Here is something to think about. God isn’t in a thing he is with us, as he walked the garden of eden. lets not put our faith in a cross around our necks or and alter that we built in our homes. Lets put our faith in The spirit of God which is with us.

Now for the Important part if you are looking for Salvation if you will like to start a new and be in the presence of God turn your bible, google, or download the free bible app and turn to Romans 10:9 Confess with your mouth that Jesus christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead then you shall be saved. start a prayer life and get in to the word and allow the Lord to turn it around for you.

Be Blessed


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