Ezekiel Chapter 24

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My name is Wilhelmina Lundy and I am a servant of God and some of the ways that I serve God is this bible study, also the Journey In Praise ministry if you are looking to learn more about the ministry you can go to @journeyinpraise on FaceBook and there you can connect to all the outlets don’t forget to like the page so that you can receive notification. Last there is the prayer wall, the Lord says that when two or more are gathered he is in the mist. Let me pray with you and your family. you can send your request to fromsinnertosaint103@gmail.com. Okay let’s get in to the word.

Ezekiel 24 The Cooking pot


Ezekiel says that in the ninth year, in the tenth on the on the tenth day the Lord came oto him and told him to mark the day and speak the parable. The Lord had Ezekiel to speak the parable about King Nebuchadnezzar over powering  the house of Judah. This Parable tells of meat cooking and well seasoned but yet kit ended up burning to charred so charred that it ruins the pot and the pot can’t come clean as the people of Israel can’t be cleanse. The Lord says that they won’t be clean again until his wrath subsides.

I am reminded that before we walk with christ that we think nothing of our wrong doings and sins. we treat people rude and idolize things without thinking that we may be compromising how God is looking at us. why? because we are not focused on being pleasing on him our pot is charred and can’t seem to come clean and then we repent and confess our sins and ask for forgiveness we began to walk in a way that wants to be pleasing to God and we are cleansed by the blood Mal 3:3

Ezekiel’s wife dies

In these verse the Lord told Ezekiel that he would take away his hearts desire and not to mourn, just groan quietly. Ezekiel says he spoke to the people in the morning and in the evening his wife died. He did as command the next day. He let them know that the Lord was going to take away the things that they desired, their strong hold and they won’t be able to mourn but only let out a groan and waste away.And then they will know that he is the sovereign God. The Lord told Ezekiel when this happen he will send a message and Ezekiel will then be able to speak. until then Ezekiel was only able to speak when he was speaking the word of the Lord.

As a Prophet we learned earlier in this book that you will feel what you prophesy if you prophesy hunger then you will know and feel hunger. we also learned that a prophets main job is to show and warn people of what’s to come. so If the Lord says you will go through pain, the prophet that tells you is going to know what you are about to go through to prepare you and deliver the message clear. One thing I am learning about God is; there are know surprises he’s not sneak so what you go through if you listen you’ll know it’s coming, one of the problems with the faithless is that they never want to hear the truth they like whitewash (cover up to a broken foundation). Ezekiel had to go through his wife’s death without a mourning period he was on assignment and had to show the house of Israel exactly how the will have to act when the start losing things that the valued.

Now for the most Important part., If you are looking for Salvation google, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Roman 10:9 confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart that he died for our sins and God raised him from the dead you shall be saved. Get yourself into the word and begin your relationship with the one who loves you unconditionally.

Be Blessed


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