Job Chapter 34

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Job Chapter 34

Verse 1-4

Then Elihu says hear what I’m saying wise men, learning men use discernment when it comes to what is right, let us learn together what is good.

Verse 5-9

Elihu says; Job says I am innocent but God denies me justice, even though I am right I am considered a liar, although I am guiltless his arrow inflicts an incurable wound. 

What man is like Job , who drinks scorn like water? He keeps company with evil doers, he associates with the wicked men for he says it profits a man nothing  when he tries to please God.

Elihu repeats Jobs words then states Job hangs around wicked people and evil doers. Elihu states this because Job says a man gains nothing when he tries to please God. It seems in this chapter Elihu is now speaking out of his own judgement and not of the spirit. 

Verse 10-15

Elihu says listen to me, you men of understanding God is far from evil, far from doing wrong. He repays a man, for what he has done, he gives him what his conduct deserves. It is unthinkable that God would do wrong and pervert Justice. Who appointed him over the earth? Who put him encharge of the whole world. If he withdrew  his spirit and breath, all man kind would perish and man would return to dust.

Elihu says God isn’t going to do evil he repays man for what he has done. But best believe that if he chose to remove his breath then we will die. Very true God isn’t going to do anything to hurt us, what we do encounter is a lesson sometimes painful but it is a lesson. 

Verse 16 -20

If you have understanding listen to what I say. Can he who hates justice govern? Will you condemn the just and mighty one. Is he not the one that tells kings they are worthles, and tell nobles  they are wicked, who shows no partiality to princes and does not favor the rich over the poor, for they are all the work of his hands, they can die in an instant. The mighty are removed without human hands.

These verses remind us of how Sovereign God is over all things.

Verse 21-30

Evil doers can’t hide God sees all things. God doesn’t need to hear your case to judge you. He shatters people in high places, and sets others in their place. He takes note of all their doings, he punishes them for there wickedness, where everyone can see. Because they turn from following him, they cause the cry of the poor to come to him, but is he doesn’t even speak. Who can condemn him? He is over man and nations to keep a godless man from ruling, frim laying snares

Elihu says that God sees everything so we can’t hide in the dark. He has the power to remove presidents,  kings, princes, congressmen, Governor’s from their positions and set someone in the position. Elihu says God punishes man for their wickedness  so that everyone can see that they turned from him, yet if he chose not to do anything, who can condem him? He is God. So Elihu is saying even if Job says that he’s not guilty what can anyone do. He is God. Yet he won’t do anything wrong so or evil so he’s saying to Job you are being punished and he’s showing every one you turned on him.

Verse 31-37

Elihu says suppose a man says to God I am guilty, but I will not Sin anymore, teach me what I cannot see, If I have done wrong, I will not do so again. Should God them reward you on your terms. When you refuse to repent, you must decide not anyone else. Elihu says Job speaks without knowledge; his words lack insight, Job might be tested to the utmost for answering like a wicked man. To his sins he adds rebellion, scornfully he claps his hands among us and multiplies his words among God.

Praise God  here is another person accusing Job of sinning against God,  Elihu was correct about alot of things. Evil doers can’t hide, God has the power to remove a person in a high position to nothing. Here’s another person claiming  that Job is guilty of a sin due to what he was going through,  claiming he is rebelling because he doesn’t repent. Elihu wants to be heard but was he listening with wisdom and the spirit when Job spoke.  I believe that some where in the beginning the Holy spirit was speaking through Elihu but when Love left Elihu began to soeak from his flesh. We have to be careful of that when we speak to people. When God uses us he will speak in truth not assumption. Beware who speaks over your life and most importantly keep a relationship with God so that you can discern what people say.

Now for the Important part, if you are looking for salvation Google, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9 and confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus died on the cross and God raised him from the dead you shall be saved. open the door to 

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