Praise Break

Hey wonderful people of God,

I Pray that God is moving mountains and filling your life with bountiful blessings and the glory of his presence.

Did you all enjoy the book of Esther oh my, my, my what a wonderful blessing I recieved from this book.

Esther being ready to speak up weather she died or not, was awesome, she was willing to sacrifice her life for her people. In this day and time not many are willing to sacrifice themselves for the life of others, we are so busy protecting ourselves that we for get to look for the people who need our help, who are in mourning and wailing.

The next book that we will go over is the book of Job. When we were going over Esther I went through a serious of tests, that kept me on my knees and in continuous prayer. As I was in the mist of the test I thought of Job and how faithful he was to God no matter what he was going through, he continued to praise God. Putting my mind on Job is what got me through those tests.

Tomorrow we will start chapter 1 of Job, today we will take a moment to relax our minds and reflect on what God has done in our lives.

No matter who you once was, all the sacrifices was made to give you the opportunity to go from A sinner to a saint.To be clensed by the blood of the Lamb.

Had Esther not been willing to sacrifice her life and go to king Xerxes the Jewish people of the 127 provinces of king Xerxes would have died which I can’t help but think that includes the blood line of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist, Elizabeth and Mary. God made a way before it was known to man.

It is mentioned that the book of Esther does not mention God but yes He showed up from the beginning to the end.

Let us give him Thanks

Thank you Lord God, for your amazing sacrifice, Thank you Lord God  for putting in place all the people that sacrificed and fought to the moment of Jesus shedding his blood on calvary for us, Thank you Lord God for strategically planning to the moment, as wisdom was with you in the beginning proverbs 9:23 you knew then what was ahead. Glory to your Holy Name In Jesus Name. AMEN

For all that is looking for Salvation Google, download the free bible app or turn your bible to Romans 10:9. Confess with your mouth and believe with your heart that Jesus died on the cross and God raised him from the dead you will be saved. get in the word of the Lord our Sovereign God Jesus Christ and enjoy an amazing relationship with him. God bless you. 

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