Daniel chapter 10

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 We only have 2 more chapters left on Daniel wow it went so quick. Ok on to chapter 10.

Daniel Chapter 10

In the third year of Cyrus King of Persia, Daniel was given a revelation, a message that concerned a great War, Daniels understanding came in a vision.

 At the time Daniel received the vision he had been in mourning for 3 weeks; he ate no meat, drink no wine, and used no lotion, until the 3 weeks was over.

 Daniel says on the 24th day of the first month he was standing on the bank of the Great River of Tigris he looked up and there was a man dressed in linen with a belt of the finest gold around his waist his body was like chrysolite.

  • Chrysolite a yellowish-green or brownish variety of Olivine used as a gemstone.

His face like lightning his eyes like flaming torches his arms and legs like The Gleam a burnished bronze and his voice like the sound of multitude.

As I’m reading this part, nobody but Jesus could look that beautiful, the study Bible says that some say it’s a Heavenly being or Christ himself later on I’ll point out why I believe this is Christ.

Daniel was the only person who was able to see the vision the men with him did not see it but the feeling of terror overwhelmed  them and they hid themselves

Here’s reason number 1 why I believe the man is Christ. They didn’t see was there but they felt his presence.

 Daniel was left alone gazing at this vision, his strength was leaving his body, and his face turned pale. 

Daniel says he  was helpless, then he heard the man speak and as Daniel listen to him he fell into a deep sleep his face to the ground.

Number 2 listening to him Daniel’s face fell to the ground, as in praising the king knowing he’s around God.

Daniel said that a hand touched him and it sent him trembling to his hands and knees. The man said to Daniel; you are greatly esteemed consider carefully the words I am about to speak to you, and stand up. For now I have been sent to you and when he said this Daniel stood up trembling

Then he continued don’t be afraid  Daniel since the first day you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before God

Number three Daniel’s face to the ground  Is him humbling himself to God.

He goes on to say to Daniel your words were heard and I have come in response to them, but the prince of the Persian Kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. then Michael one of the chief princes came to help me because I was detained there with the King of Persia now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people and the future for the vision concerns a time yet to come.

While he was saying this to Daniel, Daniel bowed his face to the ground and was speechless then the one who looked like a man touch Daniels lips and Daniel opened his mouth and begin to speak.

Number 4: the man had the power for Daniel to be able to speak again by touching Daniels lips also Daniel bowed his face to the ground while the man was speaking to him, Daniel being a man who served under many kings only praised God the God of Israel 

Daniel says I am overcome with anguish because of the vision. The bible goes on to say that  Daniel says  he felt helpless how can he even talked with the man with no strength and he could hardly breathe.

Again the one who looked like a man touched  Daniel and gave him strength he says to Daniel don’t be afraid O man of high esteem, peace be strong now, be strong.

When he spoke to Daniel Daniel was strengthened and said speak my Lord since you have given me strength. The man says to Daniel do you know why I have come to you soon I will return to fight against the Prince of Persia and I will go in the prince of Greece will come but I will tell you what is written in the book of Truth.

I don’t have to say it do I number five.

(No one supports me against them except Michael your prince and in the first year of Darius the mede I took my stand to support and protect him.)

In this chapter God reveals himself to Daniel. As Daniel is coming out of fasting he was mourning over his vision about a great War that was coming. 

God came to him to explain to Daniel that he heard him praying and he heard his crying but he was held by the Persian king at this time there was a war going on between Good and Evil. Because Daniel was so dedicated to God and faithful to God he came to let Daniel know what was going on.

 In the presence of the Lord Daniel became weak but God gave him strength, Daniel became mute but God gave him a voice., just by touching his lips how many of you have witnesses through Daniel the power of God. What the Kord can do for you . Daniel said his voice sounded like a multitude, that’s a mighty powerful voice. Daniel  became weak and his strength left him. sent him trembling on his hands and his knees Hallelujah. 

I want to encourage you that the next time you feel weak that you can not speak know that God has the power to give you your voice know that God has the power to give you your strength call Jehovah call on Jesus Christ he’s already there he’s already touching your lips Hallelujah.

Hey everybody really quick if you are going through something and you need the Lord and you want salvation hi recommend that you turn your Bible or type in Google Romans 10: 9 and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved.

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  1. Thanks for your encouragement wilhemina. Beautiful illustrations. I have been in that dark place spiritually n forgot my rescuer is only a whisper a way so I needed this reminder. He always provides a way of escape til our last breath


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