Can I tell you something?

Hey Everyone,

It’s Wilhelmina, I’m Praying that you guys are all having a strong Purpose driven day, I’m Praying that you all know that each and everyone of you were meant to be great. You were designed to be strong and successful. If your not in that place right now. (where ever you measure your strength and success at). It’s not your fault. Just know that somethings were put in your space to dilute who you are meant to be. It may have happened as a child, teen and/ or adult Whatever it was, whenever it was. DON’T ALLOW IT TO CONTROL YOU!!!   see those caps, I’m serious. I don’t want you to think anything less of who you are suppose to be. And you are Great. you were made with Love. and the Father wants you to take your place to reach for your inheritance.

Praise God for he is our rock he is our strength, and our conqueror, and our coach, he is worthy of our praise such a sovereign God

God bless you all Have a wonderful evening

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