Our children

Hello Everyone,

I Hope your Friday is going well. Today I REALLY don’t have a scripture. I Want to talk to you guys about how Important it is to love our children and take that second to build them. But first, to all my Followers Thank you for reading, I love you guys, while reading your work, you all inspire me to go deeper. To write more God bless you, and Thank you, you are appreciated. If you just happened to stumble on this blog, Welcome! Thank you for stopping in, If you enjoyed the read, Please follow and to everyone if you are in agreement please like and/or comment I Love hearing from you guys.

Oh my I almost forgot to Introduce my self, My Name is Wilhelmina Lundy and that’s pronounced Will-hel-mena Lun-dee and I am a Woman Of God, I am also a Part time Lunch Lady, and an all the time mother of 5 (18-5), ok now to the story


Today I was speaking with one of my students we’ll call him student A. while on the lunch line I watched one of the boys (STUDENT B) that never speaks to Student A give him a (my dude) hug. So I decided to watch their interaction, as they get closer to my register I hear student B encouraging student A on about a fight. I (Ma) say out loud. Think better, be great, Only you will suffer the consequences for your actions. (SIDE NOTE I do well with the complicated children.)

Well not in my kitchen , I told the children that it is never ok, to think you have the right to put your hands on someone.

Once the line cleared I went to replenish the plastic ware. That’s when I saw student A, My spirit urged me to speak to him. So I sat with Student A and began to teach, I told him that it wasn’t ok to fight or succumb to peer pressure.

He then gave me a reason, he told me that the person he almost fought said some really mean things about him.

I asked him if the things the person said about him was true, and he said yes. The assistant principal called student A and the rest of the boys to follow her into the hallway. I didn’t get to respond to him.

Let me add that all the boys that were involved with the Lunch line conversation starting to act as if Student A was their best friend. They enjoyed him fighting, he was a squad member in training. For the moment,they were his best support system. The excitement in his eyes on the lunch line to be apart of something, to be accepted.

Which made me stop and wonder what is going on? where are your parents? Why hasn’t anyone taught you that you can walk, you don’t need a crowd. yet he needed to be accepted. He is crying out for attention. His peers are welling to give him the attention. All these kids have been on Facebook fighting hoping to go viral. and the adults are who teach them that it’s ok, by liking, sharing, and hooting about it, I pray for them because they know not what they do.

They pass it on to their kids instead of showing their off spring how to be great, and how to want more. They are allowing the streets to raise their kids and teach them how to vandalize, disrupt and abuse. for giggles, Lord have Mercy upon us. That these are the children slicing  faces, stealing cars, abusing the elderly, robbing people after leaving the banks. I weep for these children and Pray that God brings someone who will say that One great thing to encourage them to want more. Encourage your children, encourage our children when we think they won’t listen is when we except not helping. because if we don’t encourage our children it makes it easier for the enemy to get him.

Let your children know who God is. raise them up in God so that the can have structure, Goals, and live in their purpose. Not walking with blind folds on. God bless you guys, I just had to get that of my chest, my heart broke. I will encourage student A everytime I see him to God Be The Glory .

Until next time be blessed

10 thoughts on “Our children

  1. The family unit is disolving. I have a couple gang houses on my street, they have nobody but each other. Ive talked with a couple guys walking by and alone, they are very sweet, say hi and how are you, and we chat … in a group its party and drugs … they start very young or like myself, are born into a gang like situation. 🙏In my prayers, it is sad.

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    • No sister, you didn’t anger me.I don’t preach to the children. I encourage them everyday and give them positive words. It’s my faith in God that doesn’t allow me to sit quiet and watch. Some of the children don’t get positive words or taught there is a better life. Just step out the grain of peer pressure some need to hear. I am also involved with the children in my community. But in was preaching can be the solution to tackle the problem as long as your preaching encouragement, love and respect it’s better than watching and complaining. God bless you, my sister

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