Colossians 3 :15

Hey Everyone,

When I tell you I am going to be true to writing everyday I mean it. It feels good to be writing again. Well let me introduce my self. My Name is Wilhelmina Lundy, I am a Woman Of God. I am on a Journey to be closer to God and taking my Love for writing right along with me. For the sake of sharing God’s wonderful light with as many people as I can.

If you’re a follower WELCOME BACK!!! thanks for taking the time to read I appreciate you. If you happen to stumble upon this blog thanks for continuing and WELCOME also, Pease everyone don’t forget to like and comment I would love to hear from you guys. Okay now that, that’s out the way. on to the scripture.

Colossians 3:15New International Version (NIV)

15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.


It isn’t much to breakdown but it means a whole lot. when I look at this scripture I thank about the human heart how when we were born we were so innocent, ready to love and quick to receive it, we actually thrive on love in its self as an infant. So from there we happen to grow up, and happy in whatever play that may turn to be our dreams.

For me it was the story telling part of pretend I was willing to set the scene and topic, and that’s where my peace was. it’s actually when I stopped writing I went crazy, I didn’t find my words until I found Christ, and Now that I am back to writing I am at peace and Thankful or Glad in it. In other words my heart isn’t any longer fighting for peace or looking for my happiness or my worth. I found all that In Christ and for that  I am Thankful.

If there is anyone out there looking for the Lord, he has been waiting for you, Confess with your mouth and your heart that Jesus died for your sins, that Jesus is the Son Of The Living God. Turn your bible to Romans 10:9 -13, get yourself in a bible based church and start your fellowship with the one who loves you.

Be Blessed everyone until next time

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