Don’t Dilute your oil

Hello Everyone,

I did not want to go another day, and not reach out to you all. I hope that you’re in the best place to receive Gods blessing today. I hope you notice the title. #dontdiluteyouroil  This is so Important. Soon I will be breaking this down for you, but quickly I’ll give you a view.

Lets praise God all day lets pray without ceasing. When we pray without ceasing we have no room for any dilutions. what I call dilutions are negative things that are set in place by the enemy to  distract us from our greatness from our oil to Gods fire which lights the lamp.

So before the enemy tries to pull you out of your purpose, and in to the swamp of where dreams Die, I want you to think about the last commandment given by Our Lord Jesus Christ. Love one another as God loves you

John13:34:  A New command I give you Love one another. As I have Loved you, so you must love one another.

Stay in prayer and Glorify his holy name in what ever you are doing. #dontdiluteyouroil

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