Romans 1:17, Proverbs 6:20, John5:5-8

What a wonderful experience that I have been going through. From the beginning I have expressed that I am on a righteous Journey. I am on this blog expressing what God has done in my life, also sharing the scriptures that he brings to me and what I felt they meant.

I am in an obedient stage in my faith, I had been searching for a teacher to mentor me through the process but couldn’t afford any at the moment. So I prayed that the Lord will guide me where he wanted me to be, what he wanted me to learn. He showed it to me by scripture I will add that listened and watched Pastor Kimberly Jones on periscope with the morning Declaration, if your looking for sound doctrine she is also a life coach. you can find her at and on facebook at  If you are on periscope already try to catch her  between 730 and 9:00am search Kimberly Jones. What an inspiration in the morning. Also I watch Dr Danny Flanagan he can be found at

This week he gave me scripture, and then he showed me who they belong to.I had decided to deliver the word after stating that I would not testify this week, I wanted to just study and memorize the scripture for the week. Before service the word obedient came to my mind and I knew it was my spirit reminding me that I have to be obedient when he gives me a word. That I asked that he would fill me up with him. Before service I went over the scriptures with my pastor and God confirmed it was right through her, and so I continued on with delivering of the message.

The wonderful point is I had began studying the word and he began speaking to me through the word. The first scripture the Lord gave me was


Romans 1:17- For in the gospel a righteousness from God is revealed,- *you will receive God from the word

a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, * a righteousness that it given by the faith in christ

   just as it is written: The righteous will live by faith * it is written the righteous will life by faith in Jesus Christ (1John5:5-12)

I learned in this scripture that I will hear him in the gospel, (good news) reading and learning scripture. In scripture my faith will build strong as I grow in fellowship with the Father. I refused to believe that I couldn’t memorize this scripture. God gave me a photogenic memory for his purpose. I concurred this scripture it was a tearful battle, but God pushed me past the pressure.the next scripture he gave me to memorize was


Psalms  118:13,14 – I was pushed back and about to fall, * I was going through hardship and almost lost

but the Lord helped me * But God

The Lord is my strength, and my song,  *he is my strength and worship

he has become my salvation. * he has delivered me from danger, difficulty

My God the Father had answered my Prayers and I felt closer to him. the second scripture was in my mind the second I read it and the sword was sharpening. The psalms 118 scripture brings tears to my eyes. How many of you can relate, How many has the Father caught before you fell How many has Jesus died for, he was concerned for our Salvation saving us and pulling us through hardship, abandonment, anxiety, depression. When the enemy was pushing you over the cliff, when everything was against you, the Lord caught you before you hit the Ground, he heard you call out his name. He is your strength to push pass the pressure. He is your worship and he is your Salavation, he will delver you from the enemy (Amen) he will deliver you from a sinful nature

If you are looking to hear the Lords voice, If you are looking to plant seeds. Confess with your mouth and heart that Jesus is Lord and God raised him from the dead, you will be saved Romans10:9-13. get in a good bible based church, subscribe to some Daily inspiration emails, some bible verse quote, and set aside time for you and the Lord (Amen).

Be Blessed Brothers and Sisters in Christ





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