2 Kings 5:1-27

I stumbled upon this scripture on the periscope, I was actually studying the Prodigal son, which will be coming on. so I’ll break down my notes and what my spirit Is telling about them. so  get out your bibles brothers and Sisters

2 Kings 5 : 1 – 27

We start off in verse 1 learning that Naaman was a commander of King Aram’s army, we learn that he was a great man in the sight of his master, because the Lord had given victory through him (Naaman) but he had leprosy. Now for those who do not know what leprosy is, it is a skin disease that causes sores and nerve damage


verse 2 a young woman who was taken from Israel and served as his wife’s servant, suggested he go see the prophet in Samaria, to be cured. 4 Naaman went to the king and told him what the girl said and was granted permission to go. King Aram wrote a letter to the King of Israel letting him know what Naaman was there for. 7 as soon as the king read the letter he tore his robe in anger thinking King  Aram was picking with him.

8 When Elisha the man of God heard the King got upset he sent a message to tell Naaman  to come to him, so that he knows there was a prophet.9 so Naaman went to Elisha’s house 10 Elisha sent a messenger to tell Naaman to wash himself 7 times in the Jordan river and his flesh will be restored, and you will be cleansed.10. Naaman left Elisha’s house angry, he couldn’t believe there wasn’t any big scene and calling on the name of the Lord. Aren’t the waters in Damascus better than the waters in Israel, couldn’t wash in them. he said  out of rage.

13 Naaman servant said to him if you had to do something out of hand and crazy wouldn’t you have, go and be washed. Naaman went down to the river and washed seven times and his flesh was restored, and became clean like a young boy. so you know his  skin was  smooth.

15 Then Naaman and his Attendants went back to The Man Of God. (Elisha) offering gifts. So Elisha says to him no as long as I serve the living God, I will not accept a thing. Naaman tried to convince Elisha to take a gift.

17 Naaman asks Elisha if not then let me be given as much earth as a pair of mules can care. (Naaman is asking for enough soil that 2 mules can carry to put in the ground when he got back to Damascus.) Naaman goes on to say I will never offer burnt offering or sacrifices to another god, but forgive me when my master( King Aram )    enters the temple of Rimmon to bow down   he is leaning on my arm and I bow down too, please forgive me for this. Elisha was like Go in peace your good.

20 Gehazi Elisha’s servant said to himself my Master was too easy on him by not excepting the gifts from him. I’m going to go get me so gifts.So  Gehazi rushed to catch up to Naaman chariot, Naaman saw him and got down to meet him. Naaman asks if everything was okay. and Gehazi said my Master  said to give me one talent of silver and two pairs of clothing. Naaman gets excited and says please take two talents he gave them to two   servant and they carried them ahead of Gehazi when he got close he took the bags from the servant and hid them in the house. and went to Elisha

25    Elisha  asks him were had he been, He tells him no where, but Elisha knew he was lying he  says  wasn’t I with you when he got off the  chariot to meet you. Is this the time to take money, then he tells him Naaman’s leprosy will cling to you and to your descendants forever. Then  Gehazi  went from Elisha and he was leprous, white as snow. This part was serious because Gheazi tried to dilute Naaman faith in a selfish way. Unknowingly he was trading God’s gifts for silver, then lied about it,  and tried to hide it. When we fall for deceit we  find ourselves in bad situations causing pain to not only ourselves but to people close to us.

Hope  you Enjoyed Have a Blessed night




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