Encouragement (tearing down walls)


Good Afternoon Brothers and sisters

I want to start off a little bit different today, I want to talk about when you finally hear God calling, and you begin to answer, that’s when things get busy. Now you start to follow the word, through study and prayer building your relationship with the father through the holy spirit. The closer you get to your purpose, the harder the pressure becomes. you know the saying when God starts moving  in your life, the evil one gets busy, gets nervous. so the ground under your foot starts to shake.

This Morning I was on periscope and was invited to join in on Dr Danny Flanagan live broadcast ( if you have not checked out periscope, saints please do what an experience) well Dr. Flanagan started to speak on Pressure, and when you’re doing good in your life, and God’s work, the pressure gets heavy.

I started to think about all the things that had been going on, then I started to pay attention to how people have been coming at me. I reacted, fell in it, out of anger. I made the announcement that I would be as selfish, and none caring as them.

The Lord did not allow me to dwell there, you see he has a plan now I either fall or stand up. Since I am in fellowship with him I am in a listening stage. well I’m learning how to listen. (Chuckles)

So I’m in this anger, and trying to read my bible because I know I don’t like this feeling it’s not me. I feel the pressure, as I’m reading scripture preparing for bible study I don’t understand anything I’m reading.

My phone alerts me of an email, it’s from my sister in Christ, she sent me an inspirational link to subscribe to, so I click on it. let me stop right there God doesn’t want us to dwell in anger, anger is like quicksand the longer you dwell in it the deeper it will suck you down (amen) The article was on Tearing Down Walls, How convenient of the Lord to use my sister almost Immediately.

At that moment I realized that God didn’t make me a physical Fighter, God didn’t make me an angry person. In the 36 years on this earth I built up walls, walls that would stop people from taking advantage of me. While I was behind those walls I started  to get confused, I didn’t know who I was or how I was supposed to feel. Brothers and Sisters I tell you don’t get yourself lost behind those walls. In one day, less than an hour, I was willing to place a brick called selfish, and a brick called inconsiderate and add it to the wall.


Brother’s and Sisters I encourage you to NOT dilute who God intended you to be James 1:27 says Religion that God Our Father accepts as pure faultless is this, to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

COMPASSION – LOVE – WHO EVER YOUR SUPPOSE TO BE no add -on. be your quietest thought revealed, allow yourself to bring that person out to be one in your skin with God. When we are born we are not born Alcoholics, we are not born prostitutes, we are not born drug addicts, we are not born murderers, we are not born with depression, we are born in joy. We are born as one of the sands, one of the stars that the lord promised Abraham  genesis 17:4-7. Excepting and concurring your insecurities. No More diluting Gods work, No more Hiding the God in you behind walls, he wants you to be happy, he gave you gifts out of love, not shame. If your sensitive that’s because he made you compassionate. I know I’m a cry baby ,cry at commercials, movies, the news, etc…

I encourage you to tear down those walls brick by brick, Allow the holy spirit to comfort you and hold you up. God Loves you as he made you.

Have a Blessed day until next time.

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