My First Holy Week Experience


I’m back, I have been patiently waiting to post this blog. I wanted to go through holy week, and then post my experience. This was my first holy week, and what a wonderful experience it was. I’m going to try to do this Blog in two parts, I realized I had so many notes on my experience I didn’t want you guys to miss out on anything it was a great worshiping weekend

Growing up my prep for Easter would be wondering what outfit my grandmother had picked out for me and hoping she didn’t forget my socks with the lace top, and crossing my fingers that she brought me another purse. I didn’t go to the services with her just Easter Sunday but I do remember her being busy that week. So needless to say I was shocked to find out that there were other things then just Easter Service.

We started services on Palm Sunday (Walking with Jesus in to Jerusalem) I rushed home went to Youtube and searched How to make a cross with Palms. Here is the link very easy

I thought about how wonderful Jesus is, as I folded the Palm and said a prayer. I thought about how I wanted to be closer to the Father, and I thought about how Jesus took the time to pray and he was a busy man healing, teaching, performing miracles. As he showed by example how to be one with his spirit aiming closer to The Father. I was focused on adding more prayer time to my day.519174428_780f22fa34

Maundy Thursday- This day was the washing of feet, Now let me add that, the way anxiety is set up it won’t allow me to accept people in my body space. So as I’m preparing for service my mind is rejecting the thought of going to church. It made me so sick to my stomach. My spirit was preparing my feet for the washing. I was running late because I was waiting for my husband to come home, so he could take our active 5yr old. My mind wanted me to believe that I missed the washing which was the most important part. my husband walked through the door, and I rushed out the house, and down the street to the church. I quickly stepped in, everyone was in the middle of  prayer. My mind said what ever but I’m not getting my feet washed. The Pastor started preaching on Jesus washing the disciples feet. If  the Lord can wash his disciples feet then we surely can wash each others feet. She began to explain to those of us who had never done the washing of feet what would be happening. before I knew it I was on my feet ready to be the first person in line to get my feet washed. I do believe my MIND was floored as my SPIRIT walked us up to the pastor. As she  was washing my feet, I said a Prayer thinking about what had just happen, wanting a clear mind so that he can have his way. What is it to be a Servant?  I wondered. At this moment I was on the fence about starting this Blog, By the end of the night I had ended up being the person who was washing the feet of my sisters and brothers in Christ, I had ended up being the servant. We ended that night in darkness representing Judas betrayal and the arrest of Jesus. As for me I ended the service with clarification to a 7mth question as he is moving on my behalf things are coming into path. God had shown me that my SPIRIT is stronger than my MIND my faith in God is stronger than anxiety.

If you are reading this blog and it seems your MIND keeps winning the race don’t be afraid to step out on faith, God wants you to come to him, God wants to help you out of what ever you may be going through, He loves everything about you. Be strong , and allow God to work with in you. He wants you to follow his footsteps and he wants you to see yourself in a better position. The father promised to supply all your needs all you have to do is call his name. He is stronger that anxiety He is Stronger than your mind.



Stay tuned for part 2 Meditation on the cross and procession

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