Introduction (Greater is coming)


Please bare with me, this is my first blog. Let me start by saying. I am not a pastor, I am not a minister. I am an infant in Christ. I am sharing what I bam learning, giving support when it’s needed. I’m going to bring you (my readers)on my journey.I will be posting blogs about my studies on Prophets, scriptures from bible study and being faithful and prayed up in this modern world.I have to say, I have enjoyed being in the word. It is amazing how God will move in your life. I have watched God remove the taste for tobacco from my lips and body without a desire to want it. I have watched God remove the taste of hard liquor from my lips, Now I don’t even drink wine. Won’t he do it.

I have been on this journey for 36 years. I am a woman who was raised in faith and church. I was taught to Pray and know that Jesus will fix it, but I turned left and the Lord waited for me swooping down to fix a problem here and there. Let me tell you brothers and sisters when he calls, you will know. I will agree with the song Greater is coming by Jekalyn Carr .The shaking, Beating, and Pressing to get the oil to flow from the olive.

  • The Shaking- I was on the line of being an alcoholic. Everyday my then best friend would come to my house, and we would get drunk on a bottle of vodka. One day the bottle turned  my best friend in to a nasty drunk. I mourned the friendship for 3  days, I did not know what was about to happen

*God moved the friend out of my life a month or so later I wasn’t drinking. I had realized the only time I would drink was when this friend was around I thought this was just because I needed my drinking buddy. I had no desire to drink. then it would come to the point that I couldn’t occasionally sip wine my stomach would began to burn. so needless to saw no more alcohol.

  • The Beating- I was depressed that the friendship is over. My husband’s aunt had dropped by to invite me to a woman’s conference and I was stuck in no I’m not ready she handed me the book and I promised to read it. after a couple of days had passed I finally started the book. at this time in my life I was crying everyday I felt I was useless in this world. The book reminded me of Jesus it reminded me of how much Jesus meant to me, it reminded me of how important he was to me when I was a young child.

*God will stop the tears even when you didn’t ask him to. My husband’s aunt didn’t know what I was going through, but I am glad she allowed the Lord to use her to get to me, and boy did he.

  • The Pressing – Since that day I have been in a bible based church. It has been a 7mths I have been on fire for Christ. I would pray and the answers would come in my dream, I went to bed calling his name, I woke up calling his name. A little time after we began Wednesday Worship and Bible study. I feel deeper into the word.


Fast forward to now. My Lord is ruler of my house I am in praise 24/7. My drive is to be filled up with the Lord. My faith continues to grow and I am beginning to watch the oil flow. Glory be to my Awesome God. This Lent is my first Lent in these 40 days he has taken cigarette smoking from me and wine sipping He has added Prayer and a wonderful desire to share his word. I encourage anyone who maybe may be feeling down and out to give it to the Lord he wants to help you. The Father does not want you to be in Pain, He does not want you to feel unloved he wants you to know that he loves you. dare you to try him Thanks for reading be sure to Follow & Share

Be Blessed






4 thoughts on “Introduction (Greater is coming)

  1. Thank you for taking the courage to share your story, i’m looking forward to see more of your inspirational posts in the future. Keep on going, may God bless you !

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